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Exclusive Direct Primary Care Services for Members

- Unlimited in person visits, virtual visits, emails, texts and calls

- Same day or next day appointments for sick visits during business hours

- Healthcare maintenance

- Annual physical exams

- Chronic disease management (COPD, asthma, CHF, CAD, diabetes, hypertension, CKD, ADHD, depression, etc.)
- Minor in-office procedures

- Free EKGs 

- Heavily discounted labs through Labcorp and discounted wholesale medications

- Neurotoxin (Xeomin, Botox) injections for $10 a unit

- Discounted Seca 554 body composition analysis 

- Discounts for Employers available. Call office to inquire

- We do not prescribe or manage chronic opioids or benzodiazepines

Non-Member Services

ADHD assessments: $250

- We formally diagnose ADHD using both subjective and objective measures

- Text ADHD to 360-382-2762 to schedule 

Body composition analysis with Seca 554 w/ detailed printout: $75 per scan ($250 value)

- Text BODYCOMP to 360-382-2762 to schedule

Weight management consult w/ a board-certified obesity medicine physician: $250

- Get a solid, easy-to-follow plan for weight loss along with recommendations for weight loss medications based on your unique history

- 1 body composition analysis included

- If you decide to enroll in our weight loss program, your $250 goes towards the cost of the program

- Click the button below to schedule a weight consult: 

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Big Savings and
Better Health Outcomes

QLIANCE Data: Savings with Direct Primary Care (DPC) vs standard insurance model

59% less

emergency room visits

Accessible same day or next day appointments provide access to much needed urgent treatment like antibiotics, inhalers, etc. This prevents progression to severe illness and can keep you out of the ER. 

115% more

primary care visits

Unlimited in person and virtual visits allow for ease of access to keep you healthy and out of the hospital. 

30% less

hospitalization days

We have the time to spend and focus on care coordination for a smooth post-hospitalization transition and follow you closely upon discharge to prevent any re-admissions. 

65% less

imaging exams

Extended appointments allow for enough time to obtain and perform a thorough history and  examination in order to narrow down a diagnosis . This prevents costly imaging and unnecessary radiation exposure. 

62% less

need for specialist referrals

We manage most primary care needs in-office to avoid unnecessary specialist referrals which can often times lead to fragmented care. 

80% less


Early detection and intervention can help prevent the progression of an illness and the potential need for surgery. We have the time and accessibility to achieve this.

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